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EXOTX proudly announces the the Last Filter You'll Ever Buy - our SUPERFILTER for V-Twins with StageOne kits.  Combined with one of our covers, your intake will never look or perform better!


Exotx Stainless Steel Filtration Media

Superior Performance in Air Flow and Filtration


"Without a doubt, we are extremely excited to be able to bring to our customers such a wonderful product.  We've been running dyno tests and dust tests on this filter for months, and the results have exceeded our own expectations!  We expect this to be a great year for Exotx, and encourage you to review not only our new SUPERFILTER, but our many fine products that will make your bike stand out from the crowd!"

--Mark Ruberg, President, EXOTX LLC

  • Proprietary Stainless Steel Media

  • Reusable / Washable

  • Easily Cleaned - No Dry Time

  • Better Air Flow

  • More Horsepower / More MPG

  • Better Filtration

  • Unaffected by Rain or Moisture

  • No Oiling

  • ECO Friendly

We setup a 1999 80CI V-Twin on a DynoJet 250I and compared results from a stock paper filter to our new SUPERFILTER.  At peak HP, we gained 9.25 HP over the stock filter with a stock exhaust setup!  Extraordinary HP gain with a minimal investment - you can't spend less and get more.

Increasing HP does a lot more than just increase your bikes overall performance - in this day and age, economy, even on a motorcycle, is on everyone's mind.

Better performance without good filtration isn't what we'd call a good thing.   Dust testing was performed using ISO5011 Coarse Test Dust (about the consistency of baby powder), the industry standard for IC Engine Air Filter Testing, and once again, the results were dramatic.

Let's be honest here, throwaway paper filters do one heck of a good job keeping dust out of your intake system, there's really no doubt about it, but they just don't do much to increase your airflow.

Here's our ISO 5011 test results:

Weight of Contaminants that Passed Through Filter (less is better!):

Stock Paper Filter

0.89 Grams

Leading Aftermarket 'Oiled' Filter

2.32 Grams


0.85 Grams

These results show that the Exotx SUPERFILTER will block more than double the amount of dust of a typical aftermarket 'performance' filter.

Restriction to Air Flow At Test Start (less is better!):

Stock Paper Filter

6.75 "H2O

Leading Aftermarket 'Oiled' Filter

6.25 "H2O


6.00 "H2O

These results show that the Exotx SUPERFILTER will flow air better than any of the ones tested.  Better airflow allows your engine to breath easier, wasting less HP, and increasing fuel mileage.

Here's an image showing side by side the comparison of our proprietary Stainless Steel mesh material vs. the leading aftermarket 'oiled' filter material at 100x magnification.  Pictures speak louder than words!

Which of these two filter materials do you think will better protect your engine?

Our EXOTX Motto is, quite simply,

EXOTX Superfilter Retails for ONLY $89.99


We now offer our Superfilters in an Extended Height Version (see our web site for more details).  Extended Height available for only $109.99 retail.

Order ANY of our intakes before and Exotx will throw in at NO EXTRA CHARGE our fantastic Torque Screen High Velocity Filter.

Save $ 69.00 !!!

Call or write to place your order.  We accept all major credit cards, and offer prompt, courteous service.  All of our products are warranted against manufacturing defects 1 year from the date of purchase.  You'll love how our products look, and more importantly, how they perform.


EXOTX is happy to work with dealers and resellers.  Please contact our sales office for more details.


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