Exotx LLC was initially a part of Jay Tool Manufacturing & Design, Inc. (www.jaytool.com).  For years, we have worked with a variety of custom motorcycle shops in the Greater Cincinnati Area, developing a variety of components for custom bikes.  As Exotx grew, we decided to build a separate organization, and from this grew Exotx LLC, and Exotx Performance Inc.

Exotx LLC oversees the manufacturing and production of the all of our products, and Exotx Performance  Inc. is our sales and services office.  This division allows us to dedicate our manpower to better suit our customers needs and requirements.

For quite a few years, we have produced custom one-off intakes, and a variety of other custom motorcycle accessories.  As time went on, it made sense to pick a number of designs and we now offer 'custom' intakes from stock.  Please see our Intakes page for more information.

We also began working to solve one of the primary issues of custom intakes on motorcycles - filtration.  Typically, a custom intake has no filtration whatsoever, concentrating on looks instead of function.  To help solve this issue, Exotx has developed a unique solution - the Torque Screen.  The Torque Screen has been a huge success with custom motorcycle shops worldwide, and we're proud to be able to offer a simple and inexpensive solution - see our Filters page for more details on this unique product.  In addition to the Torque Screen, Exotx developed a Stainless Steel Mesh filter insert for our custom intakes, providing superior protection against dust infiltration when using our acclaimed intakes.

In early 2009, after months of testing, Exotx introduced the Superfilter.  This new concept in filter design virtually eliminates the issues of dust infiltration when using a typical 'oiled' aftermarket filter, and provides significant horsepower gains via better airflow over both a stock paper filter, and the so-called 'High-Performance' style oiled filters WITHOUT THE OIL!  Nothing on the market even comes close to the filtration capabilities, along with HP gain as the Exotx Superfilter.

Our Filter Covers allow the Superfilter (or any Stage One style filter) to not only be exposed, but to be exposed in style!  We can even custom letter our Stage-One filter cover to meet your needs.  Contact our sales office for complete pricing details.

All of our intake and related products are currently available for Harley Davidson V-Twin Motorcycles in four bolt patterns, which will fit about 95% of all available configurations.

From the simple to the exotic (hence our name!), we can produce most anything, and we welcome suggestions an ideas from bike builders and riders.

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