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"The best Stage One style filter money can buy!"

Our Superfilter is made from a proprietary Stainless Steel Mesh.  Nothing filters like the Superfilter, nothing in it's class will improve your HP for the dollar spent!

Exotx offers Superfilter to fit all Stage One kits and S&S / E&G teardrop style covers.  Combine the Superfilter with one of our Filter Covers for the ultimate look for you bike. 

Never be afraid of a rainy day clogging your paper or oiled filter again - the Superfilter never clogs in a high-humidity environment.

  • Proprietary Stainless Steel Media

  • Reusable / Washable

  • Easily Cleaned - No Dry Time

  • Better Air Flow

  • More Horsepower / More MPG

  • Better Filtration

  • Unaffected by Rain or Moisture

  • No Oiling

  • ECO Friendly - Go GREEN with Exotx!

Tapered Superfilter Dimensions: 

Base:  6-1/4" OD  Top: 5-1/2" OD  Height:  2-1/4"

Extended Height Dimensions:

Base:  6-1/4" OD  Top: 5-1/2" OD  Height:  2-7/8"


Dyno Testing on the EXOTX Superfilter proves the concept - here's the dyno output using a stock 99' 80CI V-Twin on a DynoJet 250I - the results speak volumes - 9.25 HP gain over a stock paper filter.  Where else can you gain that much horsepower for less than 100 bucks?

Recently, one of our customers was having problems running his Supercharged V-Twin in high-humidity conditions;  the problem - paper or cotton mesh filters absorb moisture from the air and basically shutdown airflow - the solution; the Exotx Superfilter - now this bike runs rain or shine with no performance loss !

The Superfilter isn't just pretty, and doesn't just increase HP by looking good - dust testing results are now in, and once again, the results speak for themselves.   Compared to a stock paper filter, the Superfilter captures the same amount of dust as a paper filter (using ISO5011 coarse test dust - the standard all filter manufacturers test with), and huge amounts more than the most popular aftermarket 'oiled' filter.  Better yet, the Exotx Superfilter flows air better than ANYTHING we tested.  Take a look at the image below - it's a NO-BRAINER!


Which one do you think will do a better job protecting your investment?




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For applications that can't use a standard filter setup, such as velocity stacks, Exotx can provide the TORQUE SCREEN as the perfect solution.

In fact, dyno testing of the torque screen vs a typical open intake have actually shown an increase in HP.  The reason is the unique shape of the stainless steel screen insert - the waves in the screen actually help smooth the air flow. 

In open velocity stacks, it's not unusual for the engine to experience 'flutter' during throttle down conditions - the TORQUE SCREEN can eliminate or reduce this.

The TORQUE SCREEN is available to fit CV / Fuel Injection Carbs, E&G, and S&S.  Please see our available patterns to determine if our TORQUE SCREEN is available for your configuration.




Here at EXOTX, we say 'LET IT BREATHE' ! The TORQUE SCREEN has been dyno proven to increase engine performance by up to 5 HP, when compared to a stock intake.


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NEW > Model/Filter Compatibility List  < NEW

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